As a Church, we often struggle to maintain a safe, stable bridge between the "cathedral" we take solace in and the world’s "bazaar" where everyday life is conducted. In other words, many of us relax in front of the t.v., get lost in a good book, and drift away listening to our favorite song - all without having any clear understanding of how to actually articulate our theology alongside such hobbies. The result: we separate these two worlds. We are tempted to ignore the art, and scoff at it as just a silly hobby. At times, we even condemn it. The problems with this can be many, though the larger one is that we severe the bridges that would allow us to explain the beauty of God in a practical, relatable way.


In a nut shell, there are many ways to communicate God's excellency. Things like nature can have a profound place in our lives... or rather they should. However, the average person in our fast-paced culture doesn't usually take time to gaze at the nature surrounding them, let alone stop to contemplate its beauty. Instead, multi-media is king. The benefit of this "king" is that it's a medium that can offer us near effortless connection with most everyone in our lives. 

So, the content of this blog centers around analyzing and discussing the beauty that can be found all around us. This will cover books, movies, music, and all other popular forms of art that find themselves in the conversations around the "water coolers" of our life. Really, I just want to help my reader discover new ways to extrapolate the diamonds of Gospel truths from the seemingly dark, barren caves of our artistic media.


Every two weeks or so I will upload a new post discussing something relevant to our understanding of the ultimate Beauty, which is Christ. This can be through any of the avenues within current media, the history-proven list of “classics” literature, or articles of others' thoughts on these matters. So... be on the look out!