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Sean from Good will hunting

Robin Williams' performance as the counselor named Sean has always captivated and haunted me. It's an image and embodiment of counseling that I've aspired to, as well as modeled my basic interactions off of regarding any soul care I do with someone.


Glen hansard

Glen Hansard is one of my favorite musicians, partly due to his simultaneous blending of deep-hearted, complex lyrics with simplistic, accessible melodies. Mainly, though, it's his vulnerability that wins me in every song.


Lorne Malvo from Fargo Season 1

In our current postmodern culture it's easy to find both the demands for moral relativism and a scrambling to organize universal claims. FX's Fargo is a beautiful on this dichotomy. I wrote a short piece on its brilliance--here's the link


Theodore roosevelt

Adventurer, theorist, author, naturalist: President Theodore Roosevelt. This piece was a lot of fun, as I just kept reflecting on the marriage between culture and pragmatism.  


Walter white from Breaking Bad Season 6

Walter White perfectly embodied the balance between self-pitying introspection and focused self-defining autonomy. Although the show is hard to watch at times, it somehow maintained an accessible relatability. 


Father rodrigues from the film Silence

Rarely do you see a character capture the complexities and depth of the Christian faith while wrestling with theodicy. Andrew Garfield's Rodrigues did just that. Beautifully.


Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood

Working on this piece helped me learn to use art to "recenter" after a crazy day. Introvert or extrovert, everyone needs to make time to enjoy the peace of the beautiful: Here's the link.

Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction

What more can you say about Sam Jackson's notably dominant break-out performance?! Definitely noir; definitely attention grabbing; definitely Tarantino.


Billy Graham

The prolific yet humble 20th century evangelist, Billy Graham--a gift for his daughter Ruth Graham for a conference in Fall 2017.


William Hill from This Is Us

This accompanied a poem I wrote about the loneliness I often feel when I'm misunderstood. Here's the link.



Johnny Cash

I wrote a piece explaining my "season of black" after our miscarriage.  Johnny Cash's honesty and blues were invaluable during this time. Here's the link.



Doc Holliday from Tombstone

Probably my favorite thing about Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday is his authenticity. What you see is what you get. He is genuinely himself through and through. By no means a model of the virtuous life, but I think his capability for astute self-awareness is something our culture could benefit from.



Father Ferreira from Silence

2016's Silence  was probably the most gripping movie I've seen in at least a decade. It left me with several haunting images of the despair we can experience on this side of Heaven. Though, for me, none more heartbreaking than Ferreira. 


Dr. Darren Talley

I was commissioned by this surgeon's sister to do a piece of his first surgery in Haiti.