A Mad Man's Journey: Part 1

- Encomium Recording #1.a -

October 4

Day 6 of my journey

I must begin by asking if you've heard anything of the researcher up the way? Right near the other side of the Sanguine ridge line? More the reclusive creep than a scientist if you asked me. But no one ever does… at least anymore. Ask me, that is. I’m not too sure when that started. Or when I first realized it, anyways. 

My dearest friends stopped listening to me some time ago, treating me the imbecile. Looking right past me, like I was some old, dismal piece of fabric. Or a fence. Ya! Like a blasted chain-linked fence! It really doesn’t matter, any, though. I honestly couldn’t care any less. 

Not sure when that started, either. My caring less. It’s not as though I need anything, really. I’m actually quite fine, thank you very much. I’ve been on the road before. I’ve actually gone several hours… maybe even a whole day not talking… or even thinking. I could swear it. So, their desertion isn’t any real bother. 

I’ve always thought it was just a talent, you know, or some kind of gift that I had, being able to be on my own that way. But, the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I feel like it’s them. Those turncoats… those… damned delinquents! Fools! Do you realize how common it has been as of late to look directly in their face, square in their eyes, and them appear as though they would walk right over you?! Like they’d care less to see you, let alone speak with you. Similar to the story of the philosopher who was pondering the elevated things so much that he walked right off a cliff. Not taking his head out of the clouds for one second to even look where he was stepping! Stupid philosopher. Or was he a scientist? Ha! I almost forgot all about that senseless researcher up the way in those God-forsaken woods! I forgot to even tell you about him. …right past the corresponding ridge line. That’s where I’m headed now.

It’s his fault you know. It had to’ve been. Everything was fine. Friends were fine. Family was fine. Shoot… strangers were fine. All I know is that I got up from a nap one warm afternoon to check the mail… when I found an envelope stamped with the Sanguine Wood crest on the wax. No one really knew that was what the crest was except for me. You see, a few other people in my town received the very same envelope. Just, I was only unique person able to identify the symbol. If they just’d paid more attention in school like I did, I thought, they’d be able to carry on as I could. …delinquents.

Anyways, I pointed out what it was, and that the only person living anywhere near those woods was that peculiar hermit. Supposedly, some of them went out on previous journeys to find out what he wanted. We were all afraid to open the letter. Did I say we? Obviously, I meant they. I could care less about his message. I just want him to stop bothering our quaint town. Anyways, after waiting so long, we all, one by one, couldn’t take it. Each of us now have set out, at one time or another, looking for him. Some of the others simply went in search for the others before them. Or so they said. Did I say that none have come back yet? Heh… honestly, I think they’re all lying to themselves. They’re all in want for answersThey, that is. Like I said, I was pretty content. Content with my life. Content on my warm couch. Didn’t really need any more answers.

I understood their struggle with it all, though. How can you not be sympathetic to their plight? It really is a slightly simple town, you know. Kemper has never really produced a “philosopher” so to speak… however, we’ve produced a entire community that would walk right off that proverbial cliff if you let them, however. Poor town. I’ve tried helping. Telling them we didn’t need some crack-pot researcher to run his tests on us. No one listened. If they want to stay naive… that’s fine by me.

Yet… that’s not necessarily the whole story, is it? I know a fool when I see one. But these people, they’re not just foolish anymore. They are the fences! The non-letter-carriers. Truly! They’re the pieces of fabric being worn down with too many washes. But… why now? 

It might not even be important right now.

I don’t know. It’s pretty foolish for me to even suppose this, but… I need to just voice it so I can hear how absurd it is. I just feel like ever since that vile envelope showed up at my house, everyone’s been a bit… off. Between you and me, I honestly felt that I was beginning to see just how stupid everyone else was, finally. Kind of a culture shock, honestly. But, that’s pretty prideful, I know. And I’m not that. I can’t be. I need to remain the moral compass for our town. Kemper has always needed me.

That’s why I’m heading to that miscreant’s home.

I’m really glad you’re listening to my story. I feel like people are going to need to hear what’s happened.


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