A Soul in Solitude: A Poem

Before the poem, I want to share a brief note on what inspired it.

About a week ago, I shared my story--in all of its nitty-grittiness--to the student body of my school. It should go without saying that this week after was one of emotional fatigue. In tapping into the depth of my past, the age-old temptation immediately met me, that is, to believe I'm nothing more than the "Old Jordan". Subsequently, I've also encountered the bold risks of some of my students who sought to test God's unbreakable grace, and tap into their stories. In doing so, some have now experienced the same emotional fatigue (e.g. fear, shame, doubt, loss of innocence, anxiety, etc.).

The following poem is one that I began writing earlier this week in hopes to help me process some of those raw feelings. In posting this here I simply want to communicate that bad days, or weeks... or even months are real. And our pains and loss are just as real. But, so is God's attention. Risk believing that. Enjoy.


Find the soul
        compressed in a vacuum of weight.
Sitting quiet in its solitude, dwelling on singular fate.

While alone and lost
        it beckons him come out,
To be known or glossed; to find relief from self-doubt.

So then who might be fair, or give heed to its base?
Who dares afford care to gaze upon its withered face?

     resting in loss,
        where all truth is made aware,
It courageously tarries, the soul vulnerable and bare.


** As a side note, I love discussing art and artistic motive, so please feel free to contact me on Twitter @jordan_goings with any and all thoughts. Thanks for reading!