The Frail Man in His Past

A brief preface ~ Over the past week I've been thinking of what I might be like in the future... as in 30 or 40 years in the future. I thought about what struggles, dreams, or thoughts I might have in those years. The picture is intended to be a future self-portrait of sorts--I hope Sharla still considers that mug handsome. Anyways, being a 4 on the Enneagram (and an INFP on Meyers Briggs), I can get lost in my own thoughts so much that they can feel like quicksand. This poem helped to get me out of my head and into being. Enjoy.

The man beleaguered sits solemn underneath,
Hands clasped loosely, though gritting his teeth.
Frail in his thought, hoping virtue might last,
The man falls deep into his dream's past.

Landing in a world both known and forgotten,
Our man now awakens in a time previously trodden.
He remembers the freedom, of innocence once had;
Succumbing to naivety, he's rekindled the glad.

Embracing the once
            through living it now,
Our weak and aging traveler does not consider the how.
Living his former world, our man again sees
News joys and laughter accompanying said memories.

His peace now beheld in a world that transcends,
Deaf to the real, he now lives through the pretend.
The how's that we ask are done from the here,
Thus lost in our trivial, we fret for him in fear.

Abstracted are we, while our man has his goal,
We watch compartmentalized, as he integrates his whole.
And so it is we who are left with fears and concern,
While for our very wholeness this frail man yearns.

Side note ~ There's more to the motivation behind this that I didn't address above. If interested, feel free to DM me on Twitter or comment below.