Thoughts on John 3 and a Short Poem

This morning I was reading John 3, and I was really intrigued by how John bookended this famous story, how it painted the picture and sets the tone for what many of us miss when we only look for the quick, propositional truth-answer. He starts off by telling us that Nicodemus - a respected teacher - sought out Jesus for answers while it was night. Then he ends with Jesus' contrasting of those who hide in the night, with those who are content with being exposed in the light. This motivated me a bit to go back to poetry a bit, and so was the inspiration here...


The Testimony of a Candle

The small, quiet flame is seen bodly propped, 
    carelessly dancing upon its waxed tower's top.
Although it's presence appears quite frail and timid,
    around the dark silence it has put a limit.
As soft as air, but as sharp as a bite,
    its stature rifts through the monotany of night.
It's more often perceived as childish and weak,
    Yet it draws me to sit here, contemplating night's defeat.

As the darkness seeks to engulf us in deep,
    and desires to chain our souls into endless sleep;
And as we might cower, and become numb through fright,
    We must consider he who proclaims, "I am the light."