I'm currently the Academic Dean at Sayers Classical Academy, where I also teach a few classes. In 2010 I completed my Masters of Divinity, concentrating in philosophy. After some time off, I ventured back to the books for post-grad research, where I completed a Masters of Theology, specializing in Aesthetic Philosophy and Value Theory. It consisted of a master's thesis: Mikhail Bakhtin's Ontological Assessment of the Self and Its Accountability to Otherness. During this time, I fell further  epistemology that relies as much on literary theory as it does philosophy (i.e. a systematizing of Bakhtin's theory of Dialogism). 

During this last degree my passion further solidified. Continuing in the same vein as ontologists like Plato and Augustine, theologians like Edwards and Kierkegaard, and aestheticians like Bakhtin and Eco, my hope is to aid the thinker in decompartmentalizing their self. As a Christian, I believe the most efficient means of accomplishing this is through the Just, the Truth, and the Beautiful, which is Jesus.

As the Lord opens a way, I would love to continue my studies through pursuing a PhD.


My gorgeous wife, Sharla, and I have been married since 2006. There hasn't been a stronger example of God's love for me than that which I continue to experience from her. God continued to bless our family by giving us the opportunity to adopted our precious daughter, Ruby. Watching her grow and learn continues to bring so much joy to our lives - she is truly our precious jewel! Lastly, we also have an enormous, lovable Goldendoodle named Strider. Essentially, he's a blonde Chewbacca... pretty awesome.



The driving force behind all of my ministerial & academic pursuits is the desire to be true with and through GodWhile acting on my passion for wholeness, beauty, and philosophy, I hope to help others discover the truth and beauty of God, so that they might be transfixed by that which can make the fragmented and broken more whole... and more true.